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Daniel Magence, CPA, Esq.

Daniel Magence is a licensed CPA and attorney. He began his career in tax in 2002, which has included experience in Big 4 accounting firms. His diverse experience includes clients that have ranged from individual taxpayers to Fortune 100 companies. With his blend of legal and tax knowledge, his number one priority is to ensure that his clients take advantage of all tax deductions and credits they can rightfully utilize. He can be reached at dmagence@pristinecpa.com

Pristine CPA Solutions, LLC utilizes the latest technology to accompany our accounting, tax and advisory services to create unparalleled client service. Our philosophy is that the easier we make your lives, than the better we can do our jobs. Our professionals combine real world knowledge with technical proficiency to provide a level of service and guidance that is invaluable to our clients and their businesses. We take pride in our reputation for quality service, high integrity and uncompromising reliability.We believe the accountant is not just someone you should meet with once a year out of necessity but should be an integral advisor whether you are an individual taxpayer or a business owner. Our goal is to bring immeasurable value to you, our client, by making sure you take advantage of every tax deduction and credit that you deserve. Our team consists of a team of professional CPAs with many years of experience. We would love the opportunity to work with you and offer you a free initial consultation.​